View Full Version : Hello eveyone, newie with a spindle and nothing else

03-06-2013, 08:28 AM
Hi eveyone, originally i had a friend on here building me a CNC, but unfortunately for a very good reason, thats not going to happen, so i have a :


And nothing else, and idea what to do...

Is ths going to be a too big task for someone with very basic DIY knowledge (not me, my hubby, i have non) he actually works on a big cnc at work, but says hes no idea how to build one, but anything that needed 'cutting' he could do.

Size wise, around 1000 x 700 roughly, i dont rly have a butdget,maybe 2k,
uses, cutting MDF and other soft wood, will be used for things like wooden shapes, letters, and things like toy boxes ect...max thickness 18mm i would expect.

Unless somebody near by mansfield (NG18) wants to offer their services to build one, for a fee of course!

Rly need some advice, as im a bt worried, it something we really need, but to buy one out right 7k odd is too much for us.

i have seen this which is local to me, this is something like what would like, would that meet our needs??

Thank you everyone

blackburn mark
03-06-2013, 12:44 PM
If your other half has access to a large cnc and can cut most of your parts then you are in a good position to build your own.

It will take sustained effort and a good bit of time but itís not as "rocket science" as you might think.
Pick a build log that you like and kick off by drawing up your machine, this effort will not be wasted as you will need to do lots of drawing to make your parts when the time comes to try to squeezing some cash back out of your machine.

If you are prepared to absorb lots of information and you have a bucket of gumption you can get the job done and you will know your machine inside out

It wonít cost you anything to draw up a machine and do some costingís, by the time you are ready to start spending money you should have an idea of how much blood and snot its all going to entail :)