View Full Version : FOR SALE: BobCAD v21

Robin Hewitt
10-03-2009, 02:20 PM
So I bought BobCAD v21 for 400 yankee dollars and downloaded the demo version to see how it worked.

Then Gus from BobCAD phoned to turn the demo in to a sale. Momentarily thrown when I said I'd already bought v21 he explained that I really wanted v23 and proceeded to sell it to me complete with training CD's and a USB dongle that allows me to have several installations so long as I only run one at a time.

It's a pleasure to be sold to by Gus, the discounts were amazing and the dongle fell dramatically in price the moment I baulked. He was selling me one of two bundles left over from a trade show, delay and I'd miss it, he had to consult his boss to see if it was okay to let me have it. Of course I didn't actually believe a word of this but it was still a delightful experience.

When Gus's email hadn't arrived this morning I checked with BobCAD to see if I had been scammed but it is all kosher, ship shaped and Bristol fashion.

So if you want BobCAD cheap, download the demo, wait for the call then say you bought v21 on ebay.

If you want BobCAD very cheap I will have a spare v21, with licence, that is probably no earthly use to me because I don't think Gus sold me the upgrade.

v21 can be updated to v23 at a fraction of the price. I'm very open to offers :beer: