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28-07-2013, 05:02 PM
Hey guys,

We need your help; we are providing Super Premium 1.75 mm PLA for 3D Printers and need reviews. We have been working on providing the best quality grade of PLA at a fair price. Check our article on The importance of high quality filament in 3D printing (http://bootsindustries.com/portfolio-item/importance-of-good-filament/) for more information on the quality.

Our filament has many features others donít have:

0.03 diameter tolerance
Individually wrapped with desiccant
Larger spool diameter
Plus we have 5 pantones colors available!

Give it a try with this code: cncUK. At this price, it's a pretty good opportunity to get a taste of super premium filament and for us to have a reviews. Please let us know what you think :thumsup:

02-08-2013, 11:38 AM
A few comments if I may.

1. Your thread heading is misleading - I have no idea this was about filament - plastic and filament in 3D printing terms are different. I only looked as I am machining plastics but as I own a 3D printing business, this is interesting ...
2. Your filament might be good but there is a lot of competition.
3. Your price is expensive, this is even before shipping to Europe. Have you done the maths?
4. 1.75mm is not as commonly used as 3.0 mm in Europe ..... you product at 1.75mm removes more than half of your potential client base - why not do both sizes?

Just my 2p ....


04-08-2013, 05:28 AM
Chaz, thanks for your comments! They are appreciated.

1. Can I even change the thread heading? And what kind of 3D printing business you have, we are interested in the UK market right now.
2. Indeed, but we are focusing on Super Premium 1.75 mm PLA, a narrower niche than what filament already is.
3. It is expansive because of the manufacturing techniques; we have very specific guidelines when making the product which results in slower and more expansive filament. Having a supplier in Europe would be heaven; we are still on the look out!
4. Why is 1.75mm less used? It's more optimal isn't it? We have decided to concentrate our offering on 1.75 mm; making the 3.0 mm with equivalent quality was harder.

Thanks again for your tips, always welcome! :beer:

04-08-2013, 11:14 AM

1. No idea on changing topic title. We own CreativeMachines (http://www.creativemachines.co.uk/store).
2. No point to discuss ....
3. Well, we are in Europe / UK.
4. Its not more optimal, most people prefer 3.0mm - its about availability of both filament and parts for extruders / hotends. We sell 90% 3.0mm hotends compared to 10% 1.75mm hotends.

You are making 1.75mm as its 'easier' - doesnt mean that its the correct option (for Europe / UK). Although in fairness, there is a market for both.