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17-08-2013, 03:47 PM
Hello All,

My name is Paul, but everyone calls me Greeny!
I work in the glass industry and have quite a few years experience of working with CNC. Not building machines, I hasten to add!
A long while back, I spent a few years operating Intermac/Biesse CNC Glass Cutting,Edging & grooving machines. Both Cad/Cam and operating the machines.

Although i am mainly now invoved in software, part of my job is helping when things go wrong with any CNC machine in the company.
To be honest though, apart from simple fixes, mostly on the computer side, it involves finding the phone number of the requisite maintenance company!
As mentioned i am mainly involved with the computer/software side rather than spanners and hammers, but am keen to learn and improve on the mechanical side of things.

Been a lurking member for a long time, but hopefully I am ready to give this a crack!
I want to build a CNC router for wood and occasional Ali, mainly out of interest & fun. Who knows where it might go.
3 or so years ago i was going to build a Mechmate, but had to give up my rented workshop.
It has been on hold since then, and now i have decided to try to build a "garage friendly" CNC.
I have some initial drawings and as soon as i can get attachments sorted, i will be starting a build thread and hoping to get some help & feedback from this great forum.