View Full Version : NEW MEMBER: Hello from leicester

20-03-2009, 01:45 AM
Hi everyone im new to all of this only the last couple of weeks have i even thought of cnc machines but the more i read about them the more i would like one, so im going to try and build one myself which is why im here really to pick the brains of the pro's.

now for a list of questions

1. Does anyone know of a good design for a novice builder?
2. where to get cheap parts from?

only a couple of questions but that will do(for now)

thankyou all in advanced

Lee Roberts
20-03-2009, 01:48 AM
Hi clarke78, welcome to MYCNCUK. Please take the time to view the FAQ section for answers to questions you may have, if your building a new machine be sure to start a new build log detailing your progress !