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19-08-2013, 12:46 AM
Hi all,

For the first 50 purchases, I’m running a 50% off sale to hopefully help build word of mouth, making diyCAM: Carve (http://www.diy-cam.com/downloads/diycam-carve/)just $25!

I built my CNC Router earlier this year, and while learning the ins and outs of it, I was disappointed by how hard it was to find quality, but inexpensive, CAM software to go with it. Being a programmer, I decided to try to correct that.

diyCAM: Carve (http://www.diy-cam.com/downloads/diycam-carve/) is the first in what will hopefully turn into a series of programs. Carve (http://www.diy-cam.com/downloads/diycam-carve/) converts greyscale images (typically heightmaps) to GCode for 3D carving and lithopanes. You can see some of the results from it down below. Among its features:

• Multi-pass setup; Running a rough hog pass first greatly reduces the carve time since you can hog out the heavy amounts of material with a coarse pass, often with a larger bit (ie 1/8” hog followed by 1/16” carve) saving the more fragile bit from having to make repeated passes to reach full depth
• Fully obeys bit geometry to avoid overcutting the mesh (not all programs of this sort do)
• 3D mesh simulation preview along with path lines for both Carve and Hog passes
• Standard Windows style UI – I know, not really a big feature, but I find misaligned, odd looking UIs annoying I guess it’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine

I’m really hoping this does well enough that I can continue to focus on developing CAM software. My current plan is to follow Carve up with a very inexpensive GCode viewer/manipulator (at the request of a friend with a CNC router) and then to dive in on a full featured vector/v-carve program for a similarly low price point. My goal is to cover nearly all standard CAM needs for users that don't have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on software, but without sacrificing capability, performance, or just general usability.

If you have any questions, feature requests, or even ideas for other programs you think would be useful, feel free to post/pm me here or email me at support@diy-cam.com or with the Contact page at diyCAM (http://www.diy-cam.com/contact/)

And please – tell others about diyCAM!

Matt Mitman, creator of diyCAM

www.diy-cam.com (http://www.diy-cam.com/)