View Full Version : WANTED: 10 x 5 CNC Router

vehicle accessories
31-08-2013, 12:28 PM
Hi All
I am looking to buy a multi head cnc router with a bed capable of cutting 10 x 5 sheets mainly plywood.

Please Email if you know of any machines available my ideal cnc would be a Anderson Stratos not over 10 years old.

the above is due to my normal supplier letting me down and effecting customer service.

Vehicle Accessories supply and install plylining kits to commercial vehicle main dealers and corporate customers.

Also looking to purchase any templates as the company want a high price.
Even though I have paid them there time to produce the programs from my original templates in the first place!! (recon it is a release fee) any legal info welcome.

Thank you for your time and hope I can contribute in the future