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04-09-2013, 05:51 PM
I want to get a couple back panels for a computer made out of 2mm thick mild steel. I wonder if there's anyone about in the UK who has a plasma cutter that could do this?


05-09-2013, 10:47 AM
I assume this is a no?

16-09-2013, 04:18 PM
Hiya...I have a cnc plasma cutter and I use 2mm steel a lot. You're a bit far away but I deal with a guy in Ireland so shouldn't be a prblem to London. I am limited to size though....max I can do on the machine at the moment is 30cm x 64cm...best to email me direct gerry at smoothkam dot co dot uk

17-09-2013, 08:43 PM
Ive had good experiences with Premier Laser. Get a quote from them, You will probably be surprised.
They do deliveries as well.

Premier Laser & Waterjet Cutting (http://premierlaser.co.uk)

I have no connection with them, just satisfied customer!