View Full Version : Which is easier to machine on a manual lathe 12.9 or EN24 steel?

13-09-2013, 10:22 PM
Hi guys,
I need to turn 6mm diameter x 50 long pins from either 12.9 high tensile M8 bolts or EN24T which comes minimum 0.5" diameter in the UK.

Which is easier to machine on a manual lathe? 12.9 high tensile steel M8 bolts or EN24T 0.5" diameter rod? I have 40 to do and there is a 4.25 x 18 long shoulder on one end.

Many thanks in advance.

18-09-2013, 07:20 PM
Both are easy to machine on a manual lathe

Carbide and a good depth of cut will do it nicely tiny cuts are not your friend with either material En24T and 12.9 drills beautifully

If you are doing it with cobalt m42 bits put a 0.4 radius on the tool and select a feed per ref roughly half the radius but keep your tool sharp

the problem is you are doing 40 which is CNC qty money