View Full Version : CONVERSION: Round Column Mill Conversion - Looking for advice on Z-axis

06-10-2013, 01:22 PM
Hello Everyone.

- I just found your website via a posting on CNCZone.com .
- It looks like this is a very friendly and good group.

- I have a Round Column milling machine that I am considering converting to CNC (I also have a SuperMax YCM-30 CNC Mill) and adding an automatic tool changer to it.

- 1) Can anyone point me to some round column mill conversions here, and especially good Z-axis conversions.

-2) How about Automatic Tool Changers?

If you'd like to see my SuperMax YCM-30 milling machine upgrade: CNC-Joe's WorkShop: CNC Projects - Annies Upgrade: (http://www.cnc-joe.com/projects_annie.html)

The website is just to blog my CNC builds and what not.

Thanks for any help.