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06-10-2013, 01:30 PM
Hi I am a 3D teacher in london Have some cnc stuff at home and at work I use it for hobby stuff as well as teaching and i love cnc

At home I have a CNC router which is self built in plywood using manufactured slides from marchant dice with a Bosch router 1/2 and electricals from a motion control products kit. I run using rhino files and obviously mach 3. The design is a torsion box kind of thing pretty generic really about 1.5' by 2' by 6" Z
Uses a cable system to avoid racking an idea i got off CNC zone. has single trap thread drives not ballscrew (ran out money). Works well and is very reliable goes for hours

I also have a Mendelmax 3d printer which I didn't build should have really but got it at a reasonable price and im getting lazier as i get a older. Its ok but hard work and sloooooowwww. cant wait for the next gen of 3D printers.

At work I have a Chinese Lasercutter sold by HPC good price but quite rough and ready really. But robust and works well and HPC provide first class support and backup. I cant recommend them enough. I love the laser so easy and quick, the kids just lap it up, the ease and convenience mean that they learn cad with enthusiasm and are really independent about learning (sketchup) because it means that their models will be much more accurate and higher quality.

We also have an Old Boxford 260 VMC which is why I found myself here. Its currently down due to a defective speed controller. . Weve had it for years its been a complete money pit probably had less use in its whole life than our laser has had in a year. But the actual mill parts are very strong and well made. We had it upgraded in the late 90's and its gone wrong at least three times in its life anyhow will stop moaning because i want to try to get it working again. But no money so i'm trying to find a cheap fix again why I'm here

Thanks for your time

06-10-2013, 05:02 PM
Hi M8
Welcome to the forum, plenty of knowledgeable peep's on the forum, just tell them what's wrong and set the ball in motion