View Full Version : FOR SALE: ZenToolWorks 7X7 CNC with PC and Touchscreen Monitor for Sale

19-10-2013, 04:47 PM
Zen ToolWorks 7X7 CNC with PC and Touchscreen Monitor.

Complete setup as shown in the pictures.

Reason for sale:- It has been sat in a corner of my garage taking up space since I built it and I would like to sell it to fund another project.
I have long since forgot the spec but all runs as it should.
The power supplies (PC psu and Printer adaptor) while adequate and working perfect could do with upgrading.
Monitor does not have an outer case but works fine.
I was originally going to put everything together in one single unit but got distracted by other projects.
Limit switch's and small emergency stop button are included but not wired in yet.
Spare brushes and a chuck key for spindle.
Bed has a few scars from me learning what not to do but nothing major.


Would prefer collection as all items together are heavy but will box up and post if you are willing to pay postage.

Email me at:- mxhybrid@hotmail.com