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14-11-2013, 07:21 PM
Hi, recently I have begun a new project converting a 15 year old 3d printer to a CNC router/mill. I took out the old electronics bought my 5 axis breakout board, 3x m542 stepper controllers etc. 10742 107431074410745107461074710748

Well anyway I decided to convert it to a cnc router because I already built a reprap 3D printer and when I saw the strought cast frame it had when i began stripping it, I liked this option better as I loved using the Roland RotoCAMM MDX-40 while in college machining machining modelling foam (As I am a product designer) well anyway I have got some info on this fourm before when it came to wiring the steppers to the controllers think I did it right 1074910750107511075210753

The three steppers are Vexta stepper: X= PK 296-02AA (2 Phase 1.8 step, DC, 3A) Y: PK268-03A (2 Phase 1.8 step, DC, 3A) Z: PK268-03A (2 Phase 1.8 step, DC, 3A). I use a 33v power supply the was origionaly in the machine. Cut up an old computer to fit it inside the machine etc.1075410755107561075710758

I have installed mach 3 and all in that computer any set the Dip switches on the controller to what I think is right (on, off, off, off, on, on, off, on) set the pins and port in mach three to the right ones I think. then went to control the x axis by the keyboard it just barely jutted left and right by 1mm maybe when it was showing up on screen what should have moved 80mm etc. I am presuming I set the DIP switches wrong or is this down to tuning the motors on in mach 3 haven't a clue what setting in mach3 and the DIP swithces I really should have to suit my controllers as its all new to me. The travel of the x axis per revolution of the stepper is about 80mm if this is required or not to calculate setting etc.

If ye have any question on my build file away have loads of pics taken throughtout the stripping and retrofitting..........

14-11-2013, 08:23 PM
Great project, I hadn't realised 3D printers had been around that long.
It sounds like you need to RTFM with regard to the settings, at some point you should take screen shots of your Mach3 settings and post them here.