View Full Version : CADCAM software Training Position - Freelance Sought

02-12-2013, 01:31 PM

I am interested to hear from CNC software vendors who may require a freelance part time trainer based in the East Anglia region ( I will be relocating there next year ).


Nearly fifteen years as a senior developer working on the core code of Parasolid - the solid modelling engine inside Solidworks, SolidEdge and Unigraphics. I do not have any history as a trainer but having a deep theoretical knowledge I grasp modelling concepts very fast and indeed may often have an insight into how the code acheives the end result - dependent on the system it may very well be running lines of code that I have written.

I am now self employed and wish to maintain independent status so I would only consider freelance arrangements, ideally only a few days a month as I have other business interests. I am interested in training as it is always satisfying to teach others and I feel I am in an ideal position to give real insight and deliver training material with the confidence of someone with my depth of understanding, also an ideal opportunity to continue keeping my hand in - my business interests are CNC related although now I am much more on the practical side.

Kind regards