View Full Version : FOR SALE: 500 Vertical milling machine on stand, ready for steppers and control system

06-02-2014, 08:52 PM
I have been lurking the site for years and gradually building a 3 axis cnc 'bench top' mill- actually sits on its own base unit. I purchased two machines from an educational facility with ball x and y screws fitted but no control system, built one and now one 'bare' unit for sale- the difference now is I can show and demonstrate a completed machine.

Machine looks like a 'Major' by Warco (20x8 bed) with a round pillar supporting a hand crank rise and fall head. then the stepper driven R8 collett quill which is belt driven.
You probably need to visit as it is a serious project-the machine is like new-but there is work to do however drawings or examples of parts to fit steppers, limit switches available. Mach 3 set up advice etc.

Based in Bucks and will not be just sending it on a pallet, will help you load but it needs more than two people really!
Important part- 500 fairly firm, but coffee drinkers and enthusiasts welcome to view and chat.
Please call up to 10pm- not a text type man- 07872 604845 for more details
Well finally made a 'post' and with retirement looming hopefully the first of many.
Regards to all.
P.S. you probably guessed now it works I need more space!