View Full Version : WANTED: wanted 250mm by ? 40mm thick isel t slot - 3 bits ? length and a 16 by 5 ballscerw

10-03-2014, 03:30 PM
I need to fix my x axis as the ball nut it noisy

i have a bed consisting of 3 850mm long 250mm wide 40mm thick t-slot peices
with the screw and nut to suit 6.35 1/8 sticking out the end

i think the nut is knackered.

anyway I want to lengthen the bed IF I am taking it apart anyway if you see?

I am sure the screws are standard 16mm thick with a 5mm pitch.

the two bearing rails are i thinnk bosche or thk 38mm rails - don't need the bearings for this.

so if you happen to have say
3 bits of 1000 long 250 by 40mm t slot = isel
two 38mm rails 1000 long
a 1000mm long 16 by 5mm pitched isel screw and nut - screw pokes out an inch i think

basically all the bits to lengthen an isel fb2 from 850 to 1000 or 1200, then thats great

want good used.
can't afford new.