View Full Version : Flash POP Warning

18-03-2014, 10:45 PM
Hi everyone, while I was machining the aluminium for my gantry I had a bit of a shock Using my old faithful Elu MOF92 hand held router to clean up the edges with an edge trimmer there was a Flash and a loud pop and No power. Words I can't repeat on this forum came out F****** B******* if you get my drift.

OK Reset the tripped fuse and tried the router Brilliant it still worked. I'm guessing that a flake of ally shorted out the routers brushes as these are at the top of the machine right near the air intake, sodding ally flakes all over the place took me ages to clean up.

This post is just a warning about ally flakes and using mains powered tools. Be careful I got away with a pop and a tripped fuse, others might not be so lucky.
Mike :nightmare: