View Full Version : FOR SALE: Galil Motion Controller - PCI DMC 1842 - four axes

14-04-2014, 03:03 PM
Hi there,
I'm giving up on my DIY cnc router from long ago. I've got my heart set on a little Sieg KX1 for Arc instead... Very very limited on space. To fund the purchase I'm looking to sell off a few things.

I posted this a while ago as my whole system with mini-ITX + drivers & PSUs etc and there was no takers. Now happy to break up. What got the most interest was my Galil controller card. DMC 1842, PCI and the four axes version. Cable and Opto isolated break-outboard included. Its been happily sitting in the PC tower since i got it. Setup for use with Mach 3 is as easy as installing a few drivers + Plugin. I have it on Windows XP... not sure how it would fair on newer systems.

Website here (http://www.galilmc.com/products/dmc-18x2.php).

I reliase I won't get anywhere near what I paid for it. All the same i'd feel to sick to let it go for any less than 500 and would probably just hold onto it in the hopes that I'd find a good use for it along the lines. A bargain given what I paid for it. Just so theres no doubt I've included a pic of the invoice.

I don't post much around here, but I've sold the odd bit here and there before and hopefully some previous purchaser can chime in if theres any doubt as to my legitimacy.

JAZZ - theres a message in my inbox from way back noting you're interest. You still interested?!


24-06-2014, 03:41 PM
Very interested if it's still available. PM sent.