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30-04-2014, 09:47 PM
Hi all I'm Mozbo from South Wales.

I'm a qualified toolmaker and CNC machinist/programmer who's been out of the trade for over 20 years as I started a pet shop and numerous other businesses over that time for some weird reason!

I'm considering purchasing a benchtop milling machine to prototype an idea I have, so hoping to find some advice on milling machines on the forum. Probably purchase a traditional mill with DRO initially but will be looking to upgrade to CNC if the project works.

Be interested if anyone has recently purchased a benchtop miller whether good or bad.

I've been considering these as a start!:

Amadeal Ltd. MT3 Spindle w/ X-axis Powerfeed & DRO System (http://www.amadeal.co.uk/acatalog/MT3_Spindle_w__X-axis_Powerfeed___DRO_System.html)

https://www.emcomachinetools.co.uk/EnterShop/tabid/268/List/1/ProductID/1328/Default.aspx?SortField=UnitCost+DESC%2cProductNumb er

Super Lux Milling Machine2 Axis DRO (http://www.chesterhobbystore.com/super-lux-milling-machinebr2-axis-dro-3997-p.asp)