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16-05-2014, 07:29 AM
Hi all

I have been lurking here on and off, it is refreshing to find a site that is not focused on the US CNC experience. My last visit prompted me to stay a while after finding EddyCurrents build thread and his amazing safety circuit within.

I have had a DIY CNC in one guise or another for the past couple of years. I started with an MDF machine, which failed miserably, and then migrated to a Joes 4x4. Being moreso a US based machine I struggled to get it working properly on my budget due to the differences between the US and Australia. Getting more and more frustrated with it I decided to pull it down and store it while I built my third machine. This time around I went with a Mechmate which is primarily a metric based machine.

Of course my budget went out the window with this one and I am now about 90% complete, currently in painting and control box building mode. It is a full sheet machine (2400x1200 here in Aus) and I am hoping one day to make a small business around it.

Off to view some more threads and to also start another.

Sydney, Australia

16-05-2014, 10:02 AM
welcome to the site bruce.
hopefully you will get a log going on progress of your mechmate,they hardly ever get a mention on here.
I was on the mechmate forum a few years back looking for ideas for my first build but building one of those with next to no experience was a bit too much too soon for me.
by all accounts and from what ive seen of them there good machines.

Lee Roberts
16-05-2014, 10:11 AM
Hey Bruce,

Welcome to the forum, we have some other members from "down-under" with us here as well so your not alone and should fit right in, I too look forward to seeing the Mechmate come to life, if you do plan on doing a build log.


16-05-2014, 10:19 AM
Thanks guys, good to hear there are a few Aussies here too.

Will definitely be posting re the big MM. I am of course running a log on the Mechmate site but it would be good to have one going here too. When I have nutted out my control box (all time consuming at the moment) I'll fire something up.