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22-05-2014, 08:52 AM
looking a some help and advice using vcarve pro 7 with NC Studio. After setting up the tool path in vcarve pro 7 how do you export the file fo NC Studio as I cant see a save as or export for file type .nc.

I have worked out how to use NC Studio just no expert but it pretty easy to do basic stuff.

22-05-2014, 09:15 AM
When you export the toolpath, you have to specify the post-processor to use. That usually sets the appropriate file extension as well. Remember that writing out the toolpath is something you do from the "toolpath" dialogue box, not the file dropdown menu.

22-05-2014, 09:56 AM
Contact Vectric and they will help you with the finding the correct post-processor. Training Material - VCarve Pro (http://support.vectric.com/training-material/vcarve-pro) watching the training videos might be a good start.

22-05-2014, 02:46 PM
Just checked with my copy of VCarve Pro 7 - there are two different NC Studio postprocessors listed, one imperial and one metric. Both say they write *.nc files, so you should be OK.