View Full Version : Workholding - Propeller

03-06-2014, 11:52 PM
So, not having cut anything truly 3D as yet, I thought I'd jump in and have a go at this prop which I modeled earlier today:


The physics are no doubt spurious, but the shape's reasonably attractive and it'll look good fixed to the grille of my car...

I'll be using Vectric's Cut3D to generate the tool-paths and there'll be a point where I'll need to flip the work. I have a vague idea about how to approach it (hexagonal pocket for registration onto a raised jig with a bolt passing through the work into a threaded hole in the jig..?)

There's a good chance I'll have to re-visit the model, as the rake on the blades might make it a little too tall for my Z but if anyone has any hints/suggestions then I'd be very happy to hear 'em. Also attaching the .stl if you fancy a closer look at the model.




(No, it's not really going on the front of my car).