View Full Version : manf cnc (turn /milled) components,machined forgings,castings & investment cast parts

20-06-2014, 07:11 PM
hello ,we are based in north india,Mohali & into business of manufacturing cnc (turn /milled) components,machined forgings(ferrous / non ferrous),castings/PDC & investment cast parts (alloy steel).we are also manufacturing precision sub assembly's as per drg requirements.

we can also offer complete product as per customer specification if it is required with integration of electrical / electronics parts/ sheet metal parts .our infrastructure includes cnc turning /vmc 's / cnc millings/ presses etc.....we look forward to have your valued enquiries & drawings at our email address.
you can e mail us at :- 1) deepnandra@yahoo.co.in
2) isleexports@gmail.com