View Full Version : RFQ: Small turned part. Cross drilled. quotes or advice please.

23-06-2014, 08:41 PM
This part is a joystick crossmember (for the 1980s classic Defender).
Stainless steel (maybe aluminium if that's all I can get done).
1/2" square or 1/2" AF hexagon (your choice, I can supply it)
The spigots are approx 6mm for a sliding fit with a 6x17x7 bearing (I can send you sample)
The angled hole is to suit a 4mm roll pin (I can send you a sample).

I might want a variety of main hole diameters eg 5.7mm to 6.4mm (to allow a decent fit of various worn handles)
alternatively a single hole size and advice on how to open it out.

I'll want a first off, and then a batch of about 50.

I might be able to change the roll pin hole to perpendicular if that makes a difference to whether the job gets done.

Any advice (materials, methods, design, other forums to ask) also appreciated.