View Full Version : Univelop TB6560 BOB & Vexta Motors refuse to run

25-06-2014, 06:27 PM
My homemade cnc Univelop TB6560 machine was going ok by my standards for quite some time (1.5 years) until the next day when I switched on the machine it won't run.

1) Motors - Vexta PK266-02A (Motors run 100%)
2) Univelop TB 6560 controller & Drivers
3) Mach 3 software

This is what I notice.
When I start up computer the light on Univelop BOB would light up as it always does. But as soon I start up mach 3 the light would go off.I have measured and checked voltage on DB25 parallel cable which seems ok. Have uninstalled and re-installed Mach 3 but problem persist.

I cannot understand what caused this sudden change.

Can you help please.

Thank you

04-07-2014, 10:15 PM
When an all-in-one board fails it will not always be obvious where the fault lies.
Does your parallel port on the PC run a printer? - a printer is an easy way to check PP basic function ;-)

- Nick