View Full Version : RFQ: Machine Design and build for PVC pipe

20-07-2014, 07:10 PM
Hey guys, Due to time restraints im looking for a competant designer and builder to help manufacture a PVC pipe router.

The machine is to aid me in the manufacture of specialised parts for filters. Before people jump in and say do it on the drill press etc... i already do that. i want something i can set and walk away from to help free up some time.

The machine is to cut a range of holes along the top and bottom of the pipe in line with eachother. the machine needs to be 3mtrs long and the larges pupe OD i do is 220mm.

I have attached a picture of the finnished model without the rest of the pipes installed. These holes are for sockets that will slide into place and be plastic welded to be water tight.

Any ideas or request i would be glad to hear them. this is a serious project with a payment waiting!