View Full Version : 3020 / 3040 / generic chinese router accuracy

23-07-2014, 12:13 PM
For those who've seen them in the flesh when new, what is a realistic amount of backlash for the trapezoidal version?

I'm not wanting to machine with one, but I'm needing to probe some parts reasonably urgently, and grabbing one of these looks like the best short term option, and I can put decent ballscrews on it later.

23-07-2014, 03:33 PM
Hard to quantify, but a delrin nut on 12x3 trap threaded rod, using a tap made from a offcut of rod, was about 0.05mm when new, and 0.08mm after 3 months or so. Its good enough for 3D printing, and you can avoid backlash altogether by always scanning in the same direction.

24-07-2014, 11:54 PM
I could probably live with 0.05mm.

It would be ideal if more ballscrew ones arrived in stock before the end of the month, as they're all currently priced 1k above what they've previously been selling at :-/

I've already got a decent controller ordered, along with a touch probe, I just need a machine to connect them to!