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doc watson
20-08-2014, 01:47 PM
Just got hold of one of these.....


Sold by Machine Mart
Brand Clarke CMD300 3-axis mill

Was originally looking for a decent TIG welder and walked out the shop with the mill and a few other goodies. Smuggled the pallet (they delivered a pallet!! with all the tools I had acquired to the back door) into the shed and ripped open the box.

Removed the plywood base and did a squat thrust and hauled the beast onto my tiny workspace (the shed is about the length of a car and 2 foot wider... with 2 cars in it!!! ... just don't ask....)

Mill was covered in a clear plastic bag which was removed. Wow... whats this red stuff........ (I can see you all smiling at the noob)..... So started cleaning the table, WD40 and blue towels.... 4 hours later I had removed the X and Y axis and was cleaning everything......

See you on the forums.

Doc Watson