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14-09-2014, 05:46 PM
For Sale!!

A superb condition, barely used but 'Upgraded' CNC3040 machine complete with Dell PC Monitor and software all ready to go!!

I purchased this recently and since buying I immediately upgraded the machine at some expense (approx 100) as it suffered from the usual skipping-steps issue, though now it's stable and cuts well with no skipped-steps!! (it's well known issue and has a number of fixes).

Another part of the upgrade / fix was to entirely rewire with high grade shielded cable, plus i've fitted an inspection lamp and the all important limit switches!! (these are very professionally fitted!!)

Since the purchase and upgrade it's been used for about 30mins of cutting max!! I simply don't use it as much as anticipated and have access to other kit, so tho sis surplus to requirements and i'm sure there are loads of pople out their willing to give it a good home!!

- CNC3040 Machine including limit switches!!
- Controller
- Spare bushes
- Some tools,
- Spare linear bearings
- Dell PC with Windows XP (Fully configured)
- Monitor
- Keyboard
- Mouse
- Mach3 (already on machine when I purchased)
- Vectric Vcarve (already on machine when I purchased)
- Vectric Cut3D (already on machine when I purchased)
- All cables.

Basically ready to run!!

Prefer collection from Leeds City Centre, though I can accommodate some travel within a sensible distance if you cover my fuel costs

Looking for sensible offers starting at 650

Any questions please ask!!

This machine is for sale in other places so may go quick!!!

I also have a 3D printer for sale....a Felix Printers 1.5 http://shop.felixprinters.com it's been built from a kit but needs the final tidying of some wires...400 (would do a deal for both machines).

Images below..............

18-12-2014, 08:47 PM
just wondering if the cnc is still for sale?
pick up no problem cash on collection