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14-09-2014, 06:29 PM
I plan to construct 3 axes CNC router for wood, plastic and thin aluminum. The characteristics are as follows:

Dimensions : (2400 x 1300 x 500 mm)
Rack and pinion on X and Y
Ballscrew on Z.

All machine parts build using steel rectangular profile steel 100x100x3 (welded frame, two welded boxes in gantry(1500mm) and two short welded boxes in gantry sides ).

Linear supporter round rails for all axies.

I have already made some decisions on parts, as follows:

Linear supporter round rails 25 on X(2400mm) with 3 linear bearings and 2 linear bearings on Y,
round rails 16 on Z.
16x5mm Ballscrew on Z axis.
I am already have 4 Chinese drivers 80V-7.8A

I need some help for appropriate parts selection
Available parts in my market as follow:

For steppers:

Stepper motor NEMA 23, 3Nm(425oz in)- 3A- 6mh.
Stepper motor NEMA 34, 4.6Nm(651oz in)- 5.6A- 3.4mh.
Stepper motor NEMA 34, 8.7Nm(1232oz in)-6A- 6mh.

For power supply:

60V 6A.
48V 10A.

For spindle:

Chinese spindle 2.2kw air cooling.
Chinese spindle 3kw water cooling.

For gear rack

Chinese gear reduction 5:1 ratio(90 teeth-18 teeth)
2:1 ratio (40 teeth-20 teeth)
3:1 ratio (60 teeth-20 teeth)

18-10-2014, 01:18 PM
Hi, you forgot to mention what type of clamping on your bed you are thinking of using
What type of pump you want to use if using the vacuum bed
build in your dust removal to your spindle head
what type of pump you are thinking of if you are going to use water cooling on the spindle
what controller
which software
If using a belt on your spindle motor for the "Z" a suggestion ensure the belt is working level otherwise you may have a problem later on with your belt you may also find the spindle motor hitting the bed if the stepper motor cant hold it