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17-09-2014, 03:55 PM
Hi all, well my house adaptations are nearing the end, 8 weeks to go!

Anyway, there are a number of built-in drawer units (go under eaves to leave floor clear for wheelchair) which we are finding it hard to get someone to construct and the one quote we did have was just stupidly priced (and i mean top end of 4 figures). Only need to be constructed from 18mm mdf and 8mm ply base and sprayed up white and maybe a veneer on the drawer front. Panels probably joined with those embedded nut things. Sides are routed to accept drawer slides. Biggest panel is maybe 700 x 700mm. There are basically 4 off 3 drawer units approx 500w * 700h * 700d.

Anyone care to quote me on these, I'll provide drawings in DXF for the panels.

There's also some display cabinets/bookcases for the living room but these can wait a bit...

Not looking for freebies, just sensible pricing for what should be a relatively simple job for a cnc machine.

Btw, I know I can get ready made drawer units but generally not deep enough to maximize space usage, also not sure about quality, seem to use spax screws for joints.


19-11-2014, 04:33 AM
Bumping this thread. Had a couple of contacts but sadly mo positive outcome and now only 4 weeks til I move back in to my newly adapted house.

If anyone can help, or knows a company that can move quickly on a custom job then let me know asap.