View Full Version : RFQ: cutting two pockets in a 10mm existing part - quick job

03-10-2014, 09:22 AM
Looking for someone to cut two large pockets in an existing 10mm thick aluminium part (350mm wide and 465mm tall), see attachment, on the left is the existing part and on the right is what I need to cut. The pockets have a 10mm ridge (2mm deep) for the covers to fit flush, I can get the covers done elsewhere, but it's a b*tch to send the large 10mm thick part, so I'm looking for someone local, either down south Surrey (Dorking) or in the Lincoln area (I'll be around next week). This should be a very quick job, so I was thinking of simply showing up with the part, getting the cut done, leaving monies and going home.


Thanks for looking.