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Lee Roberts
19-05-2009, 04:08 AM
Design Systems and Select Components for Bolted Joints and Thread Fasteners.
Introduction (http://www.co-design.co.uk/dpg/bol/bol1.html)
Mechanics and Statics of Bolted Connections (http://www.co-design.co.uk/dpg/bol/bol2.html)
Design Procedure for Statically Loaded Bolted Joints (http://www.co-design.co.uk/dpg/bol/bol3.html)
Design Procedure for Bolted Joints with Fluctuating Loads (http://www.co-design.co.uk/dpg/bol/bol4.html)
Mechanics of Screw Threads (http://www.co-design.co.uk/dpg/bol/bol5.html)
Selection of Fastener Material (http://www.co-design.co.uk/dpg/bol/bol6.html)
Selection of Thread Systems (http://www.co-design.co.uk/dpg/bol/bol7.html)
Selection of Bolt Type (http://www.co-design.co.uk/dpg/bol/bol8.html)
Bibliography (http://www.co-design.co.uk/dpg/bol/bol9.html)
Original Guide by S. McGuigan, V. Leedham and T. Watkin

Found these links usefull tonight when i needed to know the head depth on Socket Screws.

Lee Roberts
21-05-2009, 04:38 AM
Comparison of inch and Metric Threads (http://www.co-design.co.uk/dpg/bol/bol7.html)

Metric Nuts / Washers (http://www.co-design.co.uk/dpg/bol/bol7.html)

Set Screws / Grub Metric Series (http://www.co-design.co.uk/dpg/bol/bol7.html)

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Thanks for info.........

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Links in second post are dead. In fact they all seem to be dead

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Same here ...

Try http://www.roymech.co.uk/index3.htm