View Full Version : FOR SALE: Air Compressors

28-10-2014, 03:03 PM
I have got a couple of compressors that are surplus to requirements. I thought I might offer them on the forum before they go on eBay or Gumtree.

Both are in working order, the yellow one has had very little use and the blue one has been the air supply in my garage/workshop for over 20 years, but it still pumps well. When it gets hot it smells oily (Bit like me really, only I don't pump well).

Any one that gives me a sensible offer can collect from South Nottinghamshire (Near Leics border).http://www.mycncuk.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=13769&stc=1http://www.mycncuk.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=13770&stc=1

29-10-2014, 08:09 PM
SOLD and gone !