View Full Version : Shed to workshop conversion.

24-11-2014, 06:39 PM
I'm getting kicked out of my big brick garage and into a shed (later sheds) :(

At the moment we have a new 12x8 shed in the garden that I will convert first. It might actually be a nice cosy space for my little 6040cnc, old lathe, pillar drills, tables saw, and work bench. Shouldn't take long to warm up in winter.

At the moment it's a single skin tongue and groove shed. The walls are each manufactured in one piece. The studs are 2.5" x1.5" on 24" centres. I'm thinking of just panelling the walls and roof with 11mm OSB with insulation in the 2.5" gap. And replace the 6mm perspex windows with double glazed units. The floor is 19mm OSB, I might just add a 2nd layer to that for a bit more insulation.

hmmmm I wonder if I can squeeze a UPVC door in there.

Any thoughts?

What sort of insulation should I be looking at?

Anyone know about the electricity regulations? The shed is close to the electric meter on the wall of the house. Can a 2nd spar be run from the meter box by an electrician, or does that need the electric company involvement?


24-11-2014, 06:50 PM
There was some similar discussion here a while back; http://www.mycncuk.com/threads/2148-Comments-sought-on-new-build-A-CNC-Router-for-RC-Gliders-and-Planes?p=48342#post48342

24-11-2014, 11:25 PM
Too much router talk and not enough shed on that thread :)

Anyway, I've managed to arrange a stay of execution until next September. But I wish I had done the shed conversion this year. In my mind I'm already in my warm little shed, and I don't wanna go out to that big cold garage.

To answer the electrical question, any electrician can run a 2nd spar from the meter box to the shed. It will need to have it's own earth rod.