View Full Version : Please to identify orange 6040 chinese laser engraver to get it working again!

26-01-2015, 07:54 PM
Hi Guys,

I have recently acquired a used second hand chinese 50W 6040 laser engraver with an orange and grey metal case. I know a lot of these are generic machines.

I am hoping that with some of your advice I can get it working again. It was sold as is "with a broken laser tube" apparently previous owner hadn't filled the laser tube with water.. Hmm.

The machine appears to be a few years old and the USB driver board is a 6C6879-LASER-A firmware is 2010.0.2 with for Winseal XP etched on the board too.

I have a CD that came with it which has a title of :zhongpu with 2 directories and all chinese symbols/ files. Nothing in English unfortunately.

The machine has a air pump, a water pump and very little else. The machine when powered up it's exhaust fan runs and the x and y axis travel to the top left hand corner and the red laser dot is on at this time. As the laser tube is apparently broken I have not turned on the laser power or test fired. My Z axis bed also motors up and down by a toggle switch selection inside the working area.

Can anyone assist with pointing me in the right direction for links to the correct instructions for operating this machine please.

I'm looking at replacing the tube but I'm unsure if the laser PSU is working or damaged.

Is this machines axis controlled directly from a PC plugged in? It's not a DSP as I don't see any LCD or directional controls or menus tc.

Would love to upgrade to a DSP but want to at least get it working as intended first.


Thanks guys