View Full Version : can you spare a day?

13-02-2015, 06:41 PM
hi all,
I've recently purchased and imported a stepmores ( china ) cnc router, its large 3000 x 1250 bed, 3kw water cooled spindle, vacuum bed etc etc.

its run with mach 3.

so far I've imported it, installed it, set it all up, and i have it all running as i believe it should run. - certainly all the tests I've done so far seem good. ( stepmores supplied a mach 3 config file )

what i am looking for is somebody ( i am based in staffordshire ST7 ) that is fully versed with mach 3, and cnc routing generally, that is prepared to give me a day of their time ( fully paid, plus travel plus a really nice lunch! ) to help me out with a days general instruction ( or less maybe - I'm a generally quick learner! )

I've read lots on the forum and gleaned loads of info, but someone just with me helping me set up tools, show me the general procedure etc, explain how things are normally done and just generally mess about with me making stuff for the day would be something that will help me massively .

help with integrating the design software over to mach 3 would be part of what i need help with... i have artcam and ntstudio available to use.

i plan ( amongst other things) to be doing engraving, sign making, and kitchen cabinetry with the machine.

Look forward to it!