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25-02-2015, 06:11 AM
Hi folks, newbie on this forum but I have been lurking in the background looking for a while at many cnc related forums.

My mission in life last few years is building snowboards and skis in my spare time which is basically requiring precision woodworking and laminating and its all very time consuming to make 1 pair the hard way. So its time I stopped procrastinating about building a cnc and put my money and time where my mouth is.

I've been inspired by many other projects such as your own on here and other forums and lucky enough to not be breaking new ground - all you guys have done it for me, so while I won't reinvent the wheel I'll do some of it your ways and some of it my own I'm sure. My background is IT and Electronics and I'm pretty handy in the workshop although I would not class myself as a fitter welder I'll bluff my way through some basic steel work to build a table and gantry.

I already have a very well performing 3 axis MACH3 controller running Granite Devices VSD-XE servo drives and some AC servo 940w motors and a whole pile of nice THK SSR30 and SSR25 linear rail and bearing blocks for my x / y and z , and some very nice THK ground 25mm ballscrews , as well as a lot of other lesser bits and pieces. So I am about to venture into building my table and gantry and need to make some decisions on the final dimensions and style of machine. Yes the "fun" part is ahead, I know I'll end up building a monster and driving myself crazy but thats half the fun isn't it?

So far I can only post pics of my controller and motors spinning on the bench.

Anyone got any Granite Devices VSD-XE tuning experience ? I'll gladly pick your brains. They are behaving pretty well considering they have been badly tuned by a newbie with no actual load on them, but they spin and position and settle which is enough to make me smile and move on to building the machine proper now.


Couple of pics..... excuse the motor encoder and drive cables I had the shells off them doing some shielding mods.


25-02-2015, 08:13 PM
Hi Richie, welcome to the forum...I'll be looking forward to following your build, sounds like it's going to be a nice big build!