View Full Version : FOR SALE: Linear bearings Heavy duty

25-02-2015, 09:48 AM
Hi Guys was wondering if anyone would be interested in some linear bearings that i have.

I bought a Dart 750 recently so that i could break and have spares for my sabre 500.

I have left over bits that will not swap into my mill including the ball screws and linear bearings.

These are probably worth quite a bit as spares for a Dart or sabre but to be honest they very rarely wear out on the machines so before offering them on ebay i though i would offer them up on here first in case someone wanted to build a heavy duty mill.

The linear rails are 33mm wide and the shortest is 109cm the blocks are 10x10cm with from memory m10 mounting holes. They were certainly well greased and the machine was spot on with no noise or rapids. I have 3 pairs of rails the one shown in the picture is the y axis which is the same as the z axis in terms of length. I also have the X axis but these are a fair bit longer around 1.5m long.

I also have the ball screws as above well greased and no noise on rapids. they are 30mm dia with around an 8mm pitch. I can supply with the cast bearing support blocks and taper bearings as all you will need then is to make a motor mount plate and shaft coupler.

These are high end bearings and have produced parts very accurately on the machine before stripping.

Im looking for offers and if no interest i will put on ebay.