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19-03-2015, 04:47 PM
Hello, I own a small picture framing business based in Redruth, Cornwall. We run a couple of CNC mount-cutting machines made by Trucut in Manchester and find that they work very well for our needs. I was always interested in machines as a child, but I had more success in taking them apart than building new ones. Things have stayed the same as an adult and over the years I have accumulated a selection of parts from other machines that may be of value. Would be right in assuming that the likes of PLC centre and other dealers work on fairly hefty margins? (i.e. they won't want to pay a lot for the items that I have). Apart from a Parker Digiplan CD60M and some PLC's, I have a working automated saw which has an Esa Tria 4000 controller that I might consider scrapping if I can find someone who wants one. I will list the items available in the marketplace over the next week or so. Thanks, John