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22-03-2015, 10:56 AM
Ok gents ,its been a while but I'm back and in need of guidance,

so I recently bought said machine described as good condition,[that's debatable] as its clearly been stood for a few years and alarm bells rang

so when I initially powered up I get the replace buffer batteries which I did while powered up, I can now power up and press CE button to start the homing sequence, hit power button on pendant the cycle start and I hear a contactor engage and the main motor cooling fan starts up, , that's it and nothing else happens, I can turn the fan off by pressing the green spindle button above the quill,

if I press any other button I get key inoperative message or something similar, all the keys appear to work except the bottom row which has single block run /edit etc.

I can entre data as if to set the datums in al 4 axis. but nothing else,

I have checked all the fuses I can find the big ones along the top in the r/h side cabinet and the two small ones on each the drive boards in same cabinet, also the three at the top of the main cable tower on the left,

I have checked the big fuses in the cabinet on the back and all ok, what else can I check, am I missing something blindingly obvious

I could not turn the spindle by hand as the brake was locked on so I removed this and if I wind the belt the value on screen changes so encoder must be ok, I have not tried x or y yet by hand.

that's all I can thi9nk of at the moment but i'll be back with more later today once I have had another poke about ,so in the mean time can anyone shed some light on my predicament ,

many thanks in advance


23-03-2015, 05:24 PM
It sounds like the drives are waiting for a safety input perhaps, so they are inhibited ? If the batteries have expired and the controller has forgotten its programming the low voltage interlock inputs may have gone back to defaults, so even having changed the batteries the controller may have the correct inputs in a hardware sense but the software isn't looking in the right place anymore ?


Edit: Perhaps this might be of use to you ? http://content.heidenhain.de/doku/oma_controls/CD1/tnc/151_155/gb/sa151155.pdf

23-03-2015, 11:16 PM
Thanks so far ,to recap of today,

from what I can gather , to start the machine up I power on at isolator, screen lights up with power interrupted, I them press power button on pendant, then the move over reference points appears for XYX. I then press cycle start and it should reference z first but it will not move, instead all that happens is the main spindle motor fan comes on and stays on,,an I pressing the correct buttons in order to reference it
looking in the right hand side cupboard there is a green light top left on a small metal box, there are green lights on three of the boards in the bottom of the cabinet,
the left most board has two lights, next along has two lights and the third along has 4 lights, the far right board has no lights on.
I do have another interact series 2 interact 2 and this has three boards in the cupboard and all three of these boards have 4 green lights on them , is this relevant.
I cannot check params as when I press MOD then curser up button I get message " key inoperative"

am I pressing the right buttons o=in the right order for referencing on a 150b

the heidenhain link may as well be printed in Chinese as I don't understand electrics very well and certainly not circuitry but thanks for the thought

cheers carl

26-03-2015, 06:56 PM
You just have to home it and it will become operational. By your description, I would assume some of the machine parameters have to be set again.

28-03-2015, 01:40 PM
Hi Carl

Not sure if this is any help or not but I do know that these machine have to have certain parameters before they will datum.

I am just wondering if the batteries have gone if all the parameters have been lost.

I have just done a quick google and found the info so you should find them no problem.

We have one of these machine at work and I do know that after power up you press the CE button then the yellow power up button then the green button then as you say the Z axis should datum first so long as the feed over ride is turned up.