View Full Version : RFQ: Advice for a newbie, please - holes and spheres - 5 axis drilling

06-05-2015, 02:39 PM
Hi, can anyone advise me on the following please.

I'd like a 5" diameter hollow sphere (2mm wall, stainless) made from 2 hemispheres, to be perforated with a fairly intricate pattern of .5mm holes (in the hundreds) - although not excessively intricate.

Once drilled and polished the object would be purely decorative. If I invested in a sub 2k 5 axis machine to do this, would it be up to the job?

How long would it take to drill a few hundred .5mm holes across the sphere?

I have no CNC or programming experience - but I would commission an outfit/individual to develop the drilling program/files.

Would appreciate any advice.