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20-05-2015, 12:19 PM
hi everyone, im using a camtech Z7 8x4 router at work and it has always cut a dream but recently it started stuttering on the Y axis and when i pressed left it would go right and vice versa, but after a couple of minutes of idling it would just go back to normal and i could carry on as normal but yesterday it did it while cutting a job, so i opened the box that houses the boards i.e. micro stepper, and the Y Axis microstepper board has overheated at the connections and melted the plastic (the burnt bit in the picture) and is now welded to the board it has a good fan that keeps it cool and is very clean inside the housing box.

Can anyone suggest what to do or where to go to get it repaired.

also i'm new to the CNC scene as the lad who used to do this at work has now left and i have been dropped in at the deep end. And i'm using Vectric Aspire with Camplot to connect the PC to the Router and the spindle speed is controlled by a Siemens box on the wall.

Thanks in advance


20-05-2015, 03:36 PM
Gently gently persuade the card out and replace the connector.
The fact it randomly went in wrong direction suggests those burnt pins are the Direction pins. This is common thing on drives when a wire comes loose.

You should be able to repair this easy enough for just a couple of quid.

The next question thou should be why did it happen.? Could just have been bad connection or trapped wire etc or the board it's self is on it's way out.
First I'd repair the old board and check all the wiring and see what happens. If still giving trouble you'll need to look deeper and maybe replace the card.