View Full Version : Which single stepper for long axis?

Boyan Silyavski
24-05-2015, 08:39 AM
which motor exactly is good to make a single Y axis with long belt and exchange 2x 3Nm nema 23 motors?

I couldn't find that discussed. Asking cause i want to know the right substitute and driver, plus at what voltage? Say i want all in one multi axis like the leadshine MX366 / bit low on the voltage/ or free one CSMIO/IP-M port

i browsed the cnc4you and zappautomation and was looking at the Nema 34 8,7Nm and 12.5Nm, their inductances around 6 , where the cnc4you 12Nm motor has lower inductance of 5.1 . But the went to cncrouterparts and their nema 34 motor has inductance 2mh which is way down. Its interesting it has 100mm body.

So what are the practical solution here? Assuming <60kg gantry