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31-05-2015, 03:59 PM
Hi All,

I am new to the 'CNC game' and am looking for some advice / recommendations from experts on which CNC machine I should buy. The 'story is' that I am about to retire and I want to buy a CNC and software to keep me busy. I am computer literate and I have researched the internet and it looks like Vectric Aspire software will do for me but I am struggling with which machine to buy.

I am looking for a CNC:

with a cutting area of 900mm x 600mm x 150mm
cutting 3D relief on wood
create custom inlays etc.

I have a budget of around 5000

This will be a hobby for me so the tolerances don't need to be of industrial standards. I have seen lots of machines advertised, Amazon, eBay (from China), German and UK. So before I make a decision some guidance from you would be appreciated


Rich :glee:

31-05-2015, 11:10 PM
This might be worth a look.... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151693339829?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fsch% 2Fi.html%3F_from%3DR40%26_sacat%3D0%26_nkw%3D15169 3339829%26_rdc%3D1
Although its a bit bigger than you require:whistle:

01-06-2015, 08:51 AM
I'm sure I've seen this machine on eBay before; that workstation is very familiar!

Perhaps it's just that the manufacturer uses the router to make the workstation as a test/demo piece?

Although its a bit bigger than you require:whistle:
Normally, a good thing. There's usually a job that's just *slightly* bigger than you originally thought.

Also, machine makers seem to have a nasty habit of including the length of the tool holder and endmill in their 'cutting area'.

Boyan Silyavski
01-06-2015, 09:08 AM
Welcome to the forum!

For that money you will get a machine that will do the job, like the one at the link. Just it will be nothing special. You will get no support with such a machine, crappy chinese boards and if something goes wrong, you will come back here at the forum and will have to wait for sb to help you, which many will.

There are some German machines in that price envelope, will do the job, will get support. The thing is that they have cut corners here and there, so the machines are no so capable as they want you to believe.

You best bet will be to build yourself a machine if you are into that. Or if not, maybe find somebody from the forum who makes machines, to do that for you. Contact JAZZCNC / Dean/ who is a guru here and does that.

Going with a custom build you will finish with a stronger, better, faster and much more useful machine.

I am also this week at the point of starting to make a prototype for a production of a very capable machine, same working area that you aim for, so if you could wait a bit we could combine something and you finish with a small beast of a machine. PM me if interested for more info on that.

01-06-2015, 11:24 AM
have a look at BZT. I do have one of them (PF 1000 P) and I am more than happy with it.

01-06-2015, 02:30 PM
The spares (in the UK) and help at the end of a telephone are available for that machine i have just found out :)

Personally i would like a servo powered version! :) :)

01-06-2015, 06:42 PM
with a cutting area of 900mm x 600mm x 150mm

I can't see anyone suggesting this, and I forgot to, but definitely consider getting a machine with a cutting area of slightly more than a whole fraction of a 'full' board (so a half, quarter etc.,) - should be easier to find sheet materials that way.

A full board is 2440mm x 1220mm, so, maybe consider a work area a little bigger than 1220mm x 610mm (quarter board)?

02-06-2015, 11:44 AM
Hi Silyavski, Thanks for the heads up. I will contact JAZZCNC and see the offer. I don't think I will be able to build my own as i'm not a whizz with the electics / motors etc

02-06-2015, 11:47 AM
Hi All, Thank you very much for the reply's and the emails. I have been looking at the Prototools S100 and the Laguna Tool 1Q. I am not sure Laguna tools will ship to the UK so I will ask the question. Any thoughts from anyone?

05-06-2015, 10:00 AM
Hi Silyavski, I have been in touch with Dean (JAZZCNC). Thanks for the steer


11-04-2016, 08:27 PM
Hi all i contacted the forum sometime ago asking for advice on buying a benchtop CNC. I have 'spent some time away' and am no further forward. I have relooked at Prototool S1000 and BZT Pf1000. Any thoughts from anyone

Boyan Silyavski
11-04-2016, 08:45 PM
Heiz T-1000, early impressions. (http://www.mycncuk.com/threads/1850-Heiz-T-1000-early-impressions)

I don't like non supported rails machines. However for that price this could be expected. This is a basic frame machine. Said simply i don't like it at all.

For same money you could make it DIY much more better with Hiwin supported rails and good electronics, if you are into that i mean. A lot of build threads in the forum, so its not so difficult to take the plunge.

You did not say what you will do with it? So my advice is if you are in a hurry or don't like to build and the projects are small and in metal better buy converted small CNC mill or just small CNC mill. If you need something bigger, it a safe bet to buy a machine made from sb in the forum, look at sales section, some people do by custom order. Prepare more money for that, for much better machine.

27-06-2016, 06:43 PM
Rich. I think the rather reclusive CNC wizard JasonJack in New Zealand might have a machine for sale like the one he built for me but it is a bit smaller than the bed size you are thinking of. The one I bought is phenomenally accurate (I've used it to machine lenses the size of a pea with a brilliant surface finish) and very fast with servo motors and ball screws. I think I paid about 7k for mine. You could try emailing him jason.jack@me.com although he is building a house so might take a day or two to reply.