View Full Version : RFQ: Focussing/ Service help PAID WORK

24-07-2015, 01:33 PM
I'm STILL unable to use my laser machine. Its a redsail m500. The laser fires; the software works. But it doesn''t cut properly. I've tried to align it and put new mirrors in. I did the whole masking tape alignment thing - got it mostly aligned correctly. BUT even when correctly aligned it doesn't cut right - cuts with a crescent shape instead of pinhole and loses power to the end of the cut. I don't know if its a focussing problem.
ANYHOW any conversation on here doesn't help - I seem incapable of fixing this myself.
SO is there anyone out there, with the ability to travel to BUXTON who can help me out??? I will pay for the job and all expenses. It seems there are no engineers willing to help in any laser engineering services companies.
NEEEEEEEEEED your help people!!