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07-10-2015, 10:31 PM
hi all

I'm just trying to get started with my first cnc router , i got a chinese 6040 machine over 6 months ago but been waiting for supplier to sort the parts that did not work , serves me right for buying chinese off eBay :(

I've cut some spoiler boards and what to surface the boards to make my cutting surface correct before i cut but what bit am i best getting here in the uk and how do i create the toolpath for such a cut and given tool , I'm using mdf for a sacrifice board.

also I'm thinking of getting cut2d software and was wondering about people views on this ?

it seem quite intuitive but there may be major limitations I'm missing


Mr K

07-10-2015, 11:26 PM
Hi Mr K,

Pity about the 6040, they can be variable but are a very nice package to start with. The electronics that drive the steppers can be junk and if you are using Mach3 but not using a motion controller you will be beating a dead horse but with a little bit of love they can perform fine. Plenty of videos and success stories online

So worry not, help is here.

As for a cutter have a read of this: http://www.toolstoday.com/p-5785-insert-spoilboard-surfacing-rabbeting-flycutter-and-bed-skimming-router-bit.aspx

The wood workers among us will give you more direction. I have used a 6mm two flute endmill to good results but a wider tool will reduce the number of passes.

Mach has wizards that will make the code generation easy. I am sure linux will too.
Before getting cut2D have a look at Fusion 360. It is free and will allow you to learn CAD and also has a fantastic free CAM package integrated. I am trialing the professional paid package to see if it can be used along side Creo. One of the functions the CAM program has is facing.



Christian Knuell
08-10-2015, 07:18 AM

what bit am i best getting here in the uk and how do i create the toolpath for such a cut and given tool , I'm using mdf for a sacrifice board.

for MDF almost any tool will work - it is very easy to machine.
Just try to get a rather large diameter to save time - it also has the benefit (or disadvantage depending on how you see it) that you'll immediately see if your spindle is aligned perfectly perpendicular in relation to the machine bed. If the tool leaves palpable marks the spindle should be aligned until the marks disappear.

Creating the toolpath is simple: just draw a rectangle of the required size and create a pocketing operation. You can e.g. do this with Estlcam:
(Pocketing is explained at 4:52)



08-10-2015, 09:13 AM
For a surfacing cutter try this...http://www.wealdentool.com/acatalog/..._Wing_250.html

Cambam can be used (40 use, i.e openings so if you open it and leave your PC on all the time you'll only ever use one trial) as a trial and as Komatis says draw a rectangle the size of your spoil board and use a pocket function.

08-10-2015, 09:27 AM
Morning Neil
The link doesn't work for me.
Glad to see your CNC up & running.

08-10-2015, 09:59 AM
HI Mike, I'm glad to have it running (and making a little bit of money too!!!) now.....just want to crack on and finish it off now. The link was from a post Jazz did on my build log...

Wide cutter will give you perfect finish if trammed correct and take fraction of the time.

Wouldn't get a fly cutter these spindles don't like them. Get one of these with indexed tips http://www.wealdentool.com/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Surface_trepanning_928.html

Or if on budget one of these. http://www.wealdentool.com/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Surface_Trim__3_Wing_250.html

Clive S
08-10-2015, 11:14 AM
This is the one I use http://www.wealdentool.com/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Surface_Trim__3_Wing_250.html

08-10-2015, 01:47 PM
Thanks For repies everybody ,

I've ordered a bit to get me started http://www.wealdentool.com/acatalog/..._Wing_250.html (http://www.wealdentool.com/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Surface_Trim__3_Wing_250.html)

the Video was very helpful Christian Thnx

Ill have a look at fusion and I've heard a few people use cambam good tip about the 40 openings if i am going to use a piece of software i don't mind paying , its just a pain when you don't take to software after you forked out for it

in to motion control I've been building a large delta 3d Printer Reciently and have a few smoothie boards here


i have thought about putting one of those on my 6040 rather than use the std breakout board in the blue box, it does seem to work but many say the electronics can cause problems, I'm hoping the drivers and steppers will be ok in mine for now they are

leadshine microstep driversdm542-500
sumtor nema 23 57hs7630b4d8 1.8deg 3amp

it has a 1.5kw spindle that seems reasonable build quality ( but time will tell i guess)

i have replaced all the stepper wiring and cooling hoses as they were junk and had bad connections


thanks again for replys people hopefully i will get my first cuts done soon