View Full Version : RFQ: URGENT Assistance required for Cosplay Project involving Spiderman

01-11-2015, 09:26 PM
Hello All

Im new to the CNC game. i basically want to create a spiderman mask which has rubber webbing. Basically im hoping to have the webbing cnc milled in aluminum or acrylic. once this is done i will pour liquid urethane into the crevices to create the rubber webbing then glue to my lycra mask. this has been a real ambition of mine to do and i tried to achieve this by having the file 3d printed and make a silicone cast but it was not working so cnc milling seems the best option. i have attached a picture of one that i found online. this is a head to torso piece but im only looking for the face at the moment and if it turns out good will have a full suit made. i have contacted a few people via ebay for a quote but no one has replied yet. i have DXF, DWG, IGS & STEP files waiting for someone to mill for me.`

Looking forward to hearing from someone.