View Full Version : NEE AMC-E schematic or suggested alternative control boards

10-11-2015, 01:35 PM
Does anyone have a schematic and/or manual for an NEE AMC-E control board?

This one is in an Emach 2100 running Servo motors (photos available). Is there a half decent alterative to this board that can run Servo's?

Any help is appreciated, despite trawling various forums; there seems little info on the emach or AMC boards around.

thank you


10-11-2015, 03:02 PM
sorry can't help with schematic but can answer about alternatives.

Yes there are alternative PC based controllers that can run Servo's but you'll need to know what kind of signals and voltages the Servo drives expect. Some older ones will only accept +/-10v analog signals. More Modern Servo's will accept Step & Direction signals.

Also often servo drives will only accept 24V Logic signals for things like enable, Reset etc so the replacement Controller will need 24v I/O capabiltys or some way to step up common 5V to 24V.

The best retro fit Controller at sensible money I've used is from Cslabs. There are 2 versions Analog or Step&Dir to suit your setup. Both run Mach3 software which is common and user friendly control software with plenty of support.
The controllers them self are High quality industrial strength units and come complete with terminal connector fittings etc with Din rail mounting capabiltys. 24v Digital I/O system with Both Analog In & Out capabiltys along with 0-10V for Speed control.

There are also others Like Kflop which can do what you need and are very good capable controllers thou I think may work out slightly more expensive with Add-on boards for various I/O etc.

Then there is Mesa boards along with Linux Cnc which will work for your needs. Both are suited to more experienced users thou as there not the most friendly beast's.!

Then you have the Full blown Controllers you can get from China complete with Screen, Embedded PC/Controller, PLC, MPG keyboard etc like used on Industrial machines thou are expensive compared to PC based controllers and don't offer much more on terms of functions.

If your not sure what you have then post some more pics and we'll see if can help.

Also whats the problem.?