View Full Version : FOR SALE: ISEL GFm 4433 for sale

23-11-2015, 08:24 PM
I have a very nice ISEL GFM 4433 to sell. Isel is German built and their machines span top end routing to low end metal machining.
The machine has a 440 x 330 cutting size and about 150 Z travel. Its a stepper motor machine built around aluminium frame by ISEL and its remarkablv versatile.
Great for fast movements over 3d surfaces. Yet I have just CNC machined aluminium wheel spacers out of 2" plate with a 10mm cutter!

Previous owner has done one naughty on the bed but its small and insignificant.

Has the Axemotion upgrade making smooth 3d travel in all axes at over 25mm per second.

Kress router, plus 5:1 head that does about 5000rpm max and is ideal for metal.
Has full enclosure and vacuum pipe installed. Keeps the mess and noise in so good for jobs that run overnight.
Also z height touch swith.
Sets of collects and nuts for both machining heads, ER 11 and ER16.
Has a working but PC and screen that is alittle slow but adequate.
Comes with a licenced copy of KAY, an easy USB based communication and job run software designed around these machines.
Also working copy of Deskproto, easy to learn but very powerful CAM software. Its the expert edition with 5 axis capability. See their website. I have been trained on Powermill but this does the job adequately without having to be trained and a full time user.
Also basic 4th axis fixture intended to allow automaitc z flips when machining double sided objets and you need perfect alignment. It needs finishing setting up etc etc.but it simply plugs into the machine with a 9 way connector.
I will give a buyer a bit of training if you want.